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About Us

Arya Traders Solar Solutions is a division of Dhruv Energy and Sunrise Solar Technologies Pvt. Ltd. with experience of more than 5 MW of Hands-on installations across India. We work relentlessly to deliver sustainable, innovative, cost-effective solutions with the best industry practices at competitive prices.

We work with a team of architects, engineers, and electricians to provide our customers with highly engineered turnkey solar solutions For KW to MW scale projects. With a diverse portfolio of services ranging from captive solar power farms to off-grid & grid-tied solar energy systems suited for domestic & commercial use. We provide solutions for residential commercial industries, schools, hospitals, and government buildings.

We have covered a long journey in the Field of solar & battery for more than 2 decades since we were established in 1998
& still Serving the city with our best practices.

Our Services

Solar Solutions From Sunlight To Electricity


On-grid solar systems are essentially installed in residential commercial buildings. Where regular power supply from state providers is available.

  • Reduce the burden of high tariff electricity bills, years-on-year tariff increase (avg. 5%).

  • High ROI with a payback period of 3 to 5 years.

  • Plant life of 25 years & more.

  • Government subsidy in domestic projects.


Off-grid systems with battery backup are essentially installed in locations where there is no state net-metering policy or the grid is not reliable with Frequent power cuts.

  • Most suitable for remote installation where power is not available.
  • Customers can size the battery bank as per requirement.

Hybrid Solar System

The hybrid solar system is a combination of an on-grid solar system & an off-grid solar system. It has a battery backup to store power and can feed surplus electricity into the main grid.

  • A Hybrid solar system will work day and night which means you always have electricity at your home.
  • Hybrid solar system provides the flexibility of being able to store the power in batteries that your solar system generates during
    the daytime instead of feeding it back into the grid.
  • The same energy can be used in the evening or night instead
    of genset which runs on high fuel costs and leaves carbon footprints.


Renewable Energy Service Company

Under this model, a RESCO developer financially installs operates, and
maintains the rooftop solar power plant. The developer signs an agreement
with the rooftop owner. The rooftop owner may consume the electricity
generated for which they have to pay a pre-decided tariff to RESCO
developers every month for the tenure of the agreement based on the
consumption choice & requirement, the model is further divided into two types.

  • Rooftop leasing (RL)
  • Power purchase agreement (PPA)

Open Access Mode

The open access model is for industrial and commercial clients who want electricity directly from the generator at an optimum price. The customer pays for the electricity supplied to it directly from the generator under &
Long-term power purchase agreement (PPA)

The Electricity Act, of 2013 allows power consumers to have a connected load of over 2 MW to buy power from sources other than the state distribution utility. We offer electricity to industrial & commercial users under long-term PPAS under the third-party, group captive, or captive open access model as per prevailing state regulations.

We are experienced in solar power in the field of open access.
Our capabilities in the field of projects. Our team of experienced professionals can manage the end-to-end implementation of solar power projects right from conceptualization to execution and operations. We offer the most optimum and customized solutions to all our customers.

Our Team

Service Team

Installation Team

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  • Well-qualified technical & execution team (the team is likely to have people with different personalities. To close the communication gap of the team.)
  • Only grade a & tier – 1 solar components are used.
  • Strict selection criteria for suppliers.
  • Customer references & testimonials available on request.
  • Committed long-term partner with the option of AMC post-warranty.
  • Complete technical support for the net metering process which involves Liasioning with the electricity board.
  • Financial support through prestigious banks PNB/SBI.

Our Vendors

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What peoples say about us

"Switching to Arya Traders Solar Solutions has been a game-changer for our household. From the very beginning, their team displayed exceptional professionalism and expertise, guiding us seamlessly through the entire process. The installation was efficient and hassle-free, and we were pleasantly surprised by how quickly we started seeing the benefits.
Neena Bhardwaj
Choosing Arya Traders Solar Solutions for our solar energy needs was one of our best decisions. We wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking to harness the sun's power and make a meaningful difference for their budget and the planet. Thank you, Arya Traders Solar Solutions, for helping us make the switch to a brighter, more sustainable future!"
Yogesh Kumar
What truly sets Arya Traders Solar Solutions apart is their commitment to customer satisfaction. They've been readily available to answer our questions and provide ongoing support whenever we've needed it. It's clear that they genuinely care about their customers and take pride in delivering top-notch service. Thank you, Arya Traders Solar Solutions, for helping us!"
Reena Mishra

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